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  • Version: 1.94

Surprisingly challenging puzzle game

Developed by Supersonic Studios LTD, a long-running indie game developer from England, Emoji Puzzle offers mind-boggling puzzle games that you can hardly expect, especially if you only look at its surface and simple art design. Here, the spice of the game comes from its core game mechanics that is to connect pairs of emotions by associations. This means that you have to think hard and find the idea of each emoji for you to come up with its relation to its pair. This is a free-of-charge game that you can download directly from the App Store.

Fun but extremely hard brain teaser

When speaking about this game’s mechanics alone, it is deemed to be easy. With the two-column emojis that this mobile game demonstrates, you have to correctly link two emojis that suggest the same idea or meaning. For instance, a ghost emoji is linked across the pumpkin emoji that conveys the idea of Halloween. You can easily connect the related pair by simply tapping the icons. Moreover, you can also drag to draw a line that connects them. 

The game comes with hundreds of levels. As expected in games of this genre, the difficulty increases as you level up. Note that you cannot progress to the next level unless you complete your current puzzle. Also worth noting is the fact that there will be lots of instances where the set of emojis are hard to connect. Fortunately, you can play the level again and again as there is no limitation to the number of attempts. 

Of course, as this is a free-to-play game, expect ads to interrupt you as you play. However, the app has just too much that you could spend half of your game time watching advertisements only. Furthermore, there will be a point that you will question its credibility because some emoji pairs do not make sense at all. You will hardly find some of them having at least a few things in common, which makes it even more difficult to solve.

Staggering mobile puzzle game

Gamers who love to solve mind-boggling puzzles will have a feast with Emoji Puzzle. Despite having simple designs and gameplay, this game can give you challenging puzzle pieces that you need to figure out. More, the use of emojis will entice young players to give this game a try. You have to be very patient with the number of ads it displays, though, as this game is free and only relies on ads to continue working. 


  • Simple but neat art design
  • Mind-boggling puzzles
  • Excellent brain teaser


  • Tons of intrusive ads


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Emoji Puzzle


Emoji Puzzle 1.94 for iPhone


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